Bliss Becomes You


Finding Your Bliss...

Wellness is found in layers.
Physical wellness might mean being free of pain, having ease of movement, and a healthy body.

Mental wellness might denote strong boundaries, coping skills, and open communications.
Emotional wellness might involve healthy adaptability, stress reduction, and a strong self-care game.

Spiritual wellness might relate to a deep sense of connectedness, present-time awareness, and compassionate presence in daily life.

At OmPowered Wellness, I believe each of those layers is equally important, and necessary, and I approach each and every session with reverent attention to the multi-dimensionality of each and every client.


At OmPowered Wellness, bodywork incorporates basic Swedish massage with a little bit of everything, depending on your needs. I use techniques from myofascial release, neuromuscular therapy, and many other modalities, in addition to acupressure and/or therapeutic cupping. And, unless you request otherwise, you'll walk out smelling amazing from the bonus of aromatherapy, too! 

I have a very healthy and loyal client base of BodyWork regulars.

If you're interested in a BodyWork appointment, please message me for availability.