You Know Why You're Here

It's time to begin your journey toward Bliss...

My practice focuses on helping people just like you remember and ReSource their identity AS a temporary manifestation of the Divine, in action.
Once that foundation is reclaimed, the Work focuses on reestablishing your inner connectedness to your own Divine Essence and Divine Truth.

Life Goal: A BlissFull Existence

I believe that we are all here to live BlissFull lives. I also believe that life serves as both our school house, and our play yard.
Establishing the Truth that exists between those two statements forms the basis of our Work together, allowing you to identify, claim and create your own life AS Bliss, by Design. 

What is ReSourcing?

ReSourcing is the process of reconnecting you with yourSelf.

Cycles of mind-less living create unhealthy and toxic patterns and beliefs. As you come into Conscious Awareness, you must travel inward, to those places where healing is needed. 

ReSourcing - literally, re-identification and reclamation of yourSelf AS Source - allows you to recalibrate your life AS Bliss. 

How is working with me unique?

Unlike coaches who work with systems, our Work is dynamic, creative, and completely individualized.
I don't have a set of prescribed rules, nor will I shove you forward before you're ready.
I will encourage, invite, and guide you. Your goals and timeframe will lead us. Every step you choose to take, regardless of the direction, will be honored and witnessed.
We are led by you, and by the Work itself.

This is Sacred Work we do together, whether you need some nurturing and guidance as you make progress, or whether you’re ready to launch forward.
Using every bit of training in my tool kit – as a Master Hypnotist, a certified Theta Healer®, a certified QHHT® Past Life Regression practitioner, an energy worker, a bodyworker, and a coach – I devote mySelf to you for the duration of our journey.
Your progress and victories are our celebrations!

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How I Serve

OmPowered Wellness

BlissPoint Energetics

BlissPoint Energetics


Theta Healing®



BlissPoint Energetics

BlissPoint Energetics

BlissPoint Energetics


 A unique fusion of energetic techniques,

led by Divine Guidance. 

ReSource Hypnosis

BlissPoint Energetics

ReSource Hypnosis


Hypnosis is THE power tool for healing. Change your mind - Change your life.


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