BlissPoint Energetics


Everything is energy - including you.

In India, your energy channels are known as nadis, and they connect at special points called Chakras. Clearing and balancing your Chakras, and your energy field, is as vital to your energetic health as regular exercise is to your physical health. 

BlissPoint Energetics is unique.

BlissPoint Energetics allows your Higher Self to guide and direct every session, holding Space for whatever is needed for YOUR Highest Good, and the Highest Good of All.

Bliss Becomes You

Flowing from this basic tenet, I create and hold Sacred, healing space for your Higher Self to work with you, for you, as you - facilitating meta-healing on an unprecedented level.
I've been doing energy work all my life, naturally and intuitively.
I'm a certified ThetaHealer®, a Master Hypnotist, a QHHT® & BQH® practitioner. I'm also a Reiki Master and certified Pranic Healer®, as well as an Upledger trained CranioSacral Therapist.

What all of those credentials mean is that I've devoted mySelf to the study of how to facilitate healing. It is my craft and my passion.
BlissPoint Energetics is my signature fusion of all these techniques, facilitated through intuition and guidance straight from Divine Source.