A little about me


Who I Am

Simply stated, I'm here to serve.

My life has been devoted to service since I was a child. I spent years in the healthcare industry and, after a lot of Divine intervention, began walking the Path that was laid out for me in a dream. I believe that we, each, have within us the unlimited potential for self-healing. 

I am honored to help open that door, and hold it open as you Do The Work you've come to do.

What I Am


I was fortunate to have begun studying Metaphysics as a very young child. This has given me a deep and wide perception over time, and a unique perspective. Originally a philosophy major, I've also earned my Bachelor's Degree and Master's Degree in Metaphysical Sciences, and am currently writing my PhD dissertation. As my client, you have access to a wide range of learning and experience...lifetimes and lifetimes of study and living, working for you. My practice is as much a living, dynamic, breathing organism as I am. It is my passion, and my deepest Service.

 My Mission is simple: I hold space for the world to shift, one heart at a time.

How I Serve


I'm a certified ThetaHealer®, and have found that Theta Healing facilitates the release of old, limiting belief patterns, on levels far beyond any other modality I've known. I've witnessed the miracles this technique allows both in my own life, and those of my clients.  

I'm a Master Hypnotist, and I believe that Hypnosis is a true power tool for change. Hypnosis allows for the clearing of outdated programming and re-writing your own scripts.  Trained in Dolores Cannon's QHHT® as well as BQH®, I've found that Past Life Regression Hypnosis allows for exploration across timelines, creating opportunities for healing on every level.   

BlissPoint Energetics encompasses all the energy "modalities" I've been trained to work with: I'm a Reiki Master, a certified Pranic Healer, Upledger trained CranioSacral Therapist. I've fused these modalities with the intuitive Gifts I came in with, and have fostered over this lifetime, to create a unique blend of technique and magic that allows for profound healing.   

I've been studying the energetic language of Astrology since childhood. Translating Galactic energies is one of my favorite things. This energetic science never fails to surprise and delight, both in the scope of available awareness as well as the depth of insight.

I'm also a Licensed Massage Therapist. Bodywork creates an opportunity for clients to relax, reboot, and destress - much needed in our fast-paced world.